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Nail Designs of the Past - Part 3 & Catch-Up

August 05, 2011

So it's been just over 2 months since my last post. And lots has happened! I moved which wasn't really unexpected but it happened very quickly... And at the same time not fast enough. The cause? Let's just say my facebook relationship status went from Married to Complicated. He moved to NY and I'm still in NC. No worries, best descision EVER!

Enough about my lame life, on to the nails!

I love this design because for my middle finger I used some of the glitters from my tree topper lol. How creative! Every other nail matched one of the ball ornaments on my tree. Here's a picture of my tree and of my wreath which I made myself FROM SCRATCH from branches off my tree and yes, it has lights!

Horrible picture, it's already on my redo list! But it was supposed to snow and I thought "Ding! idea!" And no, it did not snow. Stupid weather people! Lol I did that design before I got a wisdom tooth pulled. Here's a picture of myself right after my oral surgery, I was all hopped up on meds cuz I had to be knocked out for it. And a picture of my XRay.. The first tooth on the bottom left was the one I got pulled. That's right... The sideways one! Lol.


Before going to NY, where there was an expected blizzard, I thought another snowy manicure was in order. I wanted the snowflakes to stand out but the silver wasn't too good. So I stamped a gray one and that was too dark so I just left the one. I think it came out pretty good. And the blizzard was HUGE! I had to drive 14 hours in it, a normally 8 1/2 hour drive.

My New Years mani attempt. Left hand came out super bad, right hand came out kinda ok. Better luck next time!

Well that's it for this post. This was the holiday


Nail Designs of the Past - Part 2

June 04, 2011

Alrighty then... Where were we? Ugh I hate to start this post on such an ugly note! I love Fall weather but this did NOT turn out the way I had in mind. Ugliest mani ever!!!

From straight up ugly to ugly but cute. I got this idea from Iris at Pimp My Nailz I did not have a steady hand, it being only my second attempt at freehand nail art. I'll retry it next Halloween and hope for uglier but cuter results lol.

I was on an Addams Family schtick last October and I watched like half of the first season on Hulu (the original version). It was great! I imagine if Morticia Addams was into nail art this would be her go-to design. Black roses on blood red nails. Though she always cut the roses off and left the stems.. Lol

This design was so cute!! I love this polish!! It's Blackout by Icing. Black with tons of tiny colorful glitter. I'm not a fan of glitter I think I've said it before one or two trillion times. But I LOVE it over black! I had a polish I was dying to use a stamp that fit the occasion and some stars, I think it came out to be a great combo.

Happy Birthday to me!! I turned 25 October 28 and wanted cake nails. I saw this picture and thought I'd recreate it to make it my own. My cousin said they looked like flat tops... I dunno what the heck he was talking about....?? Lol

For Halloween I was a detective. I don't remember why I chose that I think I just thought the costume was really sexy and hello Houndstooth nails.. Need I say more!??!

I messed up the middle finger but whatevs! It matched my costume perfectly, see... (sorry about the crappy photos!) And it's not missing a button, there was a belt thing that I didn't like so I didn't wear it lol. Also, sucking on a pipe is so not sexy! Lol I typoed "sucking on a pope" at first Lmao!

No real back story to this one. Just thought it was cute. I think I used OPIs Aphrodite's Pink Nightie or something like that. And that's my TiVo remote I'm holding.

Haha I know, I know. Holding the banana is weird but I just thought it was funny. I got the idea from Lindsay Lohan, she airbrushed, I sponged.

Here are Lilo's Nails. If only I could write small enough... Lol

Harry Potter Nails!!!!! I did this design for the week of the Deathly Hallows Part 1 release in November. I freaking LOVE Harry Potter. And I've read all the books at least twice and some even 4 times lol. I'm a weirdo I know. Hmm what am I gonna do for Part 2!?!

This mani was cute but I kind of ruined it with the glitter... It became so hard to photograph. Yet another reason for my glitter-hate lol.

This mani lasted all of half a day, less even. I painted my nails went to bed woke up early to cook Thanksgiving dinner and they got all destroyed before I was even done cooking. That day I was thankful that I had taken the picture the night before =) lol. Here I'm holding yarn. Yeah I'm a very occasional knitter... Did I say that before? I remember saying it recently. Maybe in the previous post? The base on this is Orly Nailtrition it's so pearly!! I love it!!

This was a real quick mani before work. I just wanted to see how the stamp looked. I didn't love it on plain nails but I love stars so I'm definitely gonna try working it in a design.

That's it for this post. The next batch of pictures are Christmas and winter themed. Until next time =)




Nail Designs of the Past - Part 1

May 28, 2011

Let's start at the beginning... A wonderful place to start.

Well this is the sort of the beginning. At my uncles wedding early last June my mom offered to pay for me to do my nails. I usually kept them as long as I could before they broke on their own, which wasn't very long, and nail polish free due to a tyrannical someones preference. Anyway, I hadn't had fake nails in a long while so I thought what the hey and got black tips with a silver line. When I got back to NC and my nails were looking ragged but I liked having long nails so I got them done again, boring old french just cuz I wanted to try out the whole airbrushing thing.

Airbrushing sucks! But I liked the idea of having my nails done. So when that Tyrannical someone returned I was forced to wear a more demure color.

But then I discovered Konad and thought forget you! Konad is awesome and I'm painting my nails pink with purple polka dots if I want (Oooh sounds like my next nail design idea) But this was my very first Konad attempt. By this I had gone from acrylic to silk wraps because I thought they'd be better for my natural nails.

I should retry this design. Anyway Silk Wraps were a BIG mistake! Getting them put on was painful, it burned! And getting them off was the worst! I had decided it was cheaper to spend however much on Konad and do my own nails myself whenever I wanted than it was to pay someone else to do my nails every other week. So I took of the wraps, myself ugh what a hassle!! And my natural nails looked crappy for MONTHS! They were thin brittle and bumpy! So I decided to cut them and start fresh! Besides the fake nails were much longer than the Konad designs were =) So I had to cut them.

You can really see how bumpy they look in this next picture I loved this design I should redo it. I was so mad I messed up the ring finger like 2 minutes after painting it!

For this design I had just gotten Manglaze Matte is Murder and I wanted to try it out. Being so into Konad I just had to stamp something on it and I thought this gold matched the wine in my glass at the time. So this design always reminds me of wine lol. (And yes I used a top coat on this Matte) My nails don't look as bumpy anymore here but boy were they super thin, I kept 'sanding' down the crap out of them trying to take the bumpiness out of em!

The next design I sort of borrowed from Getcha Nails Did Except hers was black and white. I loved the simplicity of it. Oh man I totally gotta redo all my old Manis and do and first attempt/second attempt kind of post. That would be fun! Yes I own an Audi oooh another nail design idea lol.

This one was just for fun. It would've looked better with a more opaque white and yellow but I worked with what I had! It's cute none the less.

By then it was October and being an October baby and LOVING Halloween I wanted to celebrate, lol I'm such a dork! You can still see the bumpiness of my nails. Gosh I was so annoyed that it was taking so long to grow out or sand away.

And you can't have Halloween without CANDY CORN!!!! Holy moly I ate so much of that stuff last year! Not to toot my own horn but I think that candy corn looks pretty freaking good! (And tasty!) This design will definitely get a reprieve every October! The design idea was not original, I was eating candy corn and thought ooh idea so I googled "candy corn nails" it and found this picture on Flickr. Her candy corn looks better though.

I asked LW how I should do my nails and he said "Zebra" and I thought what a coincidence I JUST bought the Konad plate with a zebra design. I couldn't remember if Zebras were more white or more black, for base color referencing.. so I googled them lol I google a lot! And I found THIS! See the little rainbow Zebra!??! I just had to honor it in my mani and it is hands down my absolute favorite design! I LOOVE the colorfulness of it!!! I hate that it smeared but it's still great!

Ok so maybe it'll be more than 2 posts till I get this done. I have to go to Lowes so I'll finish this up LATAH. =)



May 22, 2011

Oh my gosh has it really been over a month since my last post?! I gotta get on this. I paint my nails and take pictures all the time I guess I'm just too lazy to post them. Ok here's the deal I'm gonna do a major long post featuring all the nail art I've done since I fist started painting my nails in an artistic fashion back in August. I assure you it'll be a lot. Maybe I'll divide it into 2 posts. I just counted, it's about 27 different manicures, and I'll also include the ones I've done this past month. Alrighty then see you all next time!

Toodles & Poodles... (I dunno why I said that)

Why Don't Tornadoes Get Named?

April 18, 2011

Friday I asked my coworkers how I should paint my nails. We were expecting some rain so they suggested that. They kept going on about how a big storm was coming, which I was completely unaware of..  I had recently done cloudy nails and then it ended up being a bright and sunny day but they said it would be stormin like Norman (oh man Norm the storm! lol) so I went ahead with it and made it a little different by adding rain and an umbrella.

Base: ORLY Ridgefiller
Color Base: Barielle U-Concrete-Me
Clouds: OPI Alpine Snow Matte
Rain: OPI Alpine Snow Matte & OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
Umbrella: Zoya Raven & Zoya Dea

I don't love how the rain came out so next time it rains I'll have to revisit this design. Don't mind the tip wear.

On a serious note, this storm turned out to be more than just some rain. It was disastrous! Tornadoes formed that destroyed many homes and businesses. Some lost electricity, their jobs, their home, and even their lives. To learn how to donate time or money please visit the Triangle Red Cross.

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